In order to prepare the nominating and selection committees with information it is important that updated information is collected for each person that has been nominated. To be fair to your candidate it is important to include a few things that may separate your applicant from other qualified applicants.

You may use the nomination form, linked below, as your guide when completing the necessary information, but all areas on the nomination form need to be used. The information should be easily presented to the nominating committee so that your candidate will have the best opportunity when viewed by the committees.

Please refrain from sending newspaper articles unless it is the only way to share the story.

Nominations for the 2019 are due by September 1st of 2018.

Keys to a Successful Nomination
  • check_box Accomplishments in Chronological Order
  • check_box All Awards Listed with Exact Date
  • check_box Neat
  • check_box Detailed
  • check_box Typed